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Roy Hubhbard Motors was established in 1980 by Roy Hubbard after Roy left his job at Jaguar and his accessory shop in the town centre,

Roy was returning to his roots as the family business was a garage in Lubenham on the site of the now demolished Badger Brothers garage.

After many years i joined the company as an apprentice to join my mentors Gary Titchmarsh and Roy where I enjoyed the work and the workshop challenges.

As vehicle technology became ever more sophisticated it was becoming clear that training on this new tech was to be needed, so Roy set a path that Roy Hubbard Motors would never look back on, In 1984 we joined Bosch with their automotive Jetronic scheme and started a training programme that would continue to this day.

As technology became more complicated newer tools and equipment was needed as we started to move further into diagnostics and programming.

As our passion for technology and improvement grows,  so does the automotive industries unique technology which has gathered pace to a point that is now mind blowing.

Over the past few years we have seen a face lift for the business and a large investment in tools and equipment with new members of staff joining us.

On entering the Autocare program which supports the approved garages scheme we partnered ourslelves with Europe's biggest automotive buying and support group, which has led us to also become an AA and RAC approved centre and motor codes approved garage.

As of November 2015 we have been signed up to the bosch car service program bringing a well known brand and a technical leader in the automotive industry, to further strengthen our team and help us move falward in the ever more challenging years.

In the years to come we shall see Roy Hubbard Motors continue to improve on the high standard it has been known for and lead the way as a leading independant garage in the area.

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Another busy day at the Garage

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