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Who can repair your car?

Government legislation now means that regardless of the age of your vehicle, you are not obliged to have it serviced by the manufacturer. Providing all parts are of quality standard and are fitted correctly, you can have your vehicle serviced wherever you choose without invalidating your warranty. The work can be carried out by Roy Hubbard motors as long as we use manufacturer approved parts and correctly follow the manufacturer's service schedule.The Block Exemption Regulation (BER) included elements that give the consumer the freedom to
choose where they have their vehicle maintained without negating manufacturer’s warranties

Estimates Guide lines

It is human nature to want to deliver something well and quickly, but underestimating the complexities of a project serves no one. At Roy Hubbard Motors it is our job to make sure that the team understands what the Customer wants and how much it will cost to produce what they want. This is one of the cornerstones of being able to finish successfully.

When contacting Roy Hubbard Motors for a service or repair the information given by you is used to formaulate an Estimate, nearly all our labour times are generated from manufactures data so please bear in mind that this data is relating to a new car with specific technicians using all the Dealer tools, As you maybe aware after only a few years on our roads corrosion/rust starts to form and as the vehicle ages this problem only gets worse. Therefore rounding bolt heads, snapping bolts, missing bolts and previous repair work may cause unexpected delays which have not been factored into pricing your job, every effort will be made to correct problems as we go but larger issues may need extra time so this cost will need to be passed on to you the customer.

In the event of meeting a problem we shall contact you as soon as possible with the revised estimate but we may stop the job if we can not contact you.

Our prices are founded on using Manufacturer parts or original equipment (OE) quality parts and highly trained Technicians to ensure you get a main dealer quality service at a fraction of the price.

Programming and coding

As vehicles become ever more complicated computer power and system intergration become more complex also, when servicing or during Diagnostics it may become necessary for the software to be changed or updated due to an issue that has arisen or become necssary to move forward with the job. When this happens one of our team will contact you regarding the nature of the update or fix and the cost requirements. Beacause of the nature of programming special precautiions have to be used such as battery support and vehicle preparation.

Every effort will be made to prepare your vehicle following manufactures proceedures for this work, but in the event of failure of the vehicle to accept the program the costs of rectifying the issue will be down to the customer. Failure rates of programming are very very low but the risks have to be pointed out.

Programming usually takes two stages the first is the base program this is much like windows as it runs the ecu and or other internal functions and stage two is the calibration file or map. This is the data that the ecu uses to calculate the fueling necessary.

Once Programming is complete extra coding or recomissioning may be needed which could involve extra labour incurring additional costs for the customer which may not have been clear or expected when starting the operation as somtimes the flash procedure could erase stored information as we are not informed by the manufactures what the update contains or how large or how deep the software is changed.