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Our regular customers know that it is always our intention to give them the best possible service and offer

Our professional advice on ways to maintain their vehicle and to keep it in best condition to enjoy trouble frees motoring.

This innovative machine will allow us to carry out essential engine decarbonise cleans and injector cleans on petrol and diesel vehicles, also DPF and turbo cleans on Diesel, all without the otherwise time consuming need for stripping down your engine or exhaust and replacing components.


In short the Power Clean Treatment Service will thoroughly clean your vehicles engine to preserve and maintain the efficient and trouble free driving.


Due to modern engines being more advanced, they can get blocked up and this can potentially cause many running issues - lacking power, increased emissions, Decreased MPG, Blocked Diesel Particulate Filter etc. Extensive tests have shown that this power clean machine cleans efficiently without the need for stripping down engine, so prolonging engine life and saving time and labour costs.

walnut Blasting

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1. What is Walnut Shell Blasting?

Walnut Shell Blasting is a service that involves shooting a mixture of pressurized air and walnut shells into the Intake Valve track in order to clean Carbon Deposits and

Buildup that occurs slowly over time.

2. What are the benefits to Walnut Shell Blasting?

Although the Walnut Shell Blasting service is a required maintenance item, it does have advantages.

 Some benefits include:Increase in Horsepower (hp) and Torque (tq) – It has been proven by dyno testing that if the Carbon buildup is particularly bad after cleaning you can recover power by making the engine breath better. Also due to the engine “breathing” better, you stand to make the car a bit more efficient in the mileage department. It has been proven to increase MPG by roughly ~2-3mpg overall which quickly adds to a lot of  cash saved! 

Ease of diagnosis of issues related to Carbon Buildup – Once the Walnut Shell Blasting service in completed, you have peace of mind that the building was not causing any common issues such as Rough Idle, Misfires, Cold Start Issues, etc. 

3. How often should I perform this service? When do I need it?

The Walnut Shell Blasting service is regular maintenance item that should be performed every 40-50k miles. This interval is the recommendation for vehicles that are unmodded, as well as lightly driven vehicles. For any vehicles that are modded, tracked or driven in a more spirited fashion it’s recommended to have this service performed every 30-35k miles.

4. How long does the Walnut Shell Blasting service take to perform?

The Walnut Shell Blasting service takes about 3-3.5 hours to complete.

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  This is a picture of the Engine Valve before cleaning has taken place, as you can see it is covered in carbon and oil deposits.

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  As you can clearly see this is a picture of the cleaned valve after it has been Walnut Blasted.