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Why Remap Your Car?


 Increase BHP & Torque by up to 35%

Reduce Fuel Consumption by up to 20%

Smoother Power Delivery

Fully Revitalised Driving Experience

Fully Dynamometer Tested Remaps

Mobile ECU Remapping Service

ECU Remapping & Engine Tuning really works!

When it comes to Engine Tuning & ECU Remapping, our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction. We offer a Free Consultation to discuss your needs, offering Engine Tuning Tips, learning whether your goal is performance or economy or maybe even both. We always remap the file that we read from your vehicle’s ECU,   this makes the remap bespoke to your car, thus eliminating any compatability issues and eliminates any of the adverse affects caused by generic ECU remapping.. many  ECU remapping firms boast about how many engine tuning maps they hold on their ‘own’ remap database or how they are ‘Guaranteed to boost Engine Performance‘, but unlike these companies, Roy Hubbard Motors never reuses a remap and will NEVER use generic ‘off the shelf’ remaps and we only promise what we can provide….Engine Tuning Excellence

What makes our Engine Tuning Different?



All Roy Hubbard Motors remaps are custom written and tuned. These techniques have been developed  & proven over many years. Remapping your tune by using data from: manifold absolute pressure sensor(how much boost the turbo is producing), the vehicle’s intake air temperature, the air fuel ratio, engine oil temperature, engine coolant temperature and how much power (bhp) & torque (nm) is being developed by the engine. All these statistics allow us to modify our  ECU remapping & tuning in the best possible way. All effects during tuning the engine, are constantly monitored to ensure that we are achieving what we set out to.


At Roy Hubbard Motors, we offer a range of products and services to the general public and also to trade customers. These include Engine Chipping and ECU Remapping, DPF Removal and DPF Error Deletion, EGR Deletion and EGR Error Removal, Commercial Fleet Remapping. Most of our services can be done either at our workshop,  your home or even your place of work!


Confused about Tuning or Turbo Tuning your ECU?


At Roy Hubbard Motors, customer satisfaction is paramount. Whether you just have an enquiry about engine tuning, chip tuning or the remap process or you decide to let us remap your engine/tune your car, we will always put you first. Our ECU Chip technicians are on hand to answer questions or queries at all times. Each and every RHM chip tuning technician is highly skilled and qualified in all aspects of car remapping, car tuning and ecu chip technology and therefore give us a solid background for our warranty. They have also undergone extensive remap training and will always look to discuss and advise based on each clients individual engine remap requirements, offering custom remap recommendations and allowing complete visualization of the expected engine remap returns…and if your remapped engine does not perform to the discussed levels, you can have your money back.




If you’re not entirely happy we’ll happily revert your vehicle to the way it was!



 This, however, is completely unheard of but to prove how confident we are in the top quality tuning we provide, we offer a full refund if you aren’t completely happy! We believe this to be the strongest indicator of our confidence in our skills and the ability of our in house ecu tuning map writers.


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