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We take all the of the hassle out of bringing your car to us, we will collect your car and carry out your service or repair and bring it back to you free of charge within a 10 mile radius of the garage

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MOT and Service Pricing    

  • Servicing pricing depends on the size of your engine and the oil to be used.
  • We will use an oil equivalent to the manufacturer's specification.
  • An MOT test costs only £40 if you book it with a full or interim service - saving time and money.


The price of your service will be calculated based on the parts used and the oil type for your vehicle. The price will be higher for vehicles requiring synthetic or specialist oils or special parts.

Please ring for a quote today.

All prices are +Vat.

     What does an Essential RHM include?
  1. Fit protective covers
  2. Replacement oil and filter
  3. Instruments, gauges and warning lights all checked
  4. Vehicle lights including headlights, sidelights indicators, braking and reversing lights, fog lights and number plate lights
  5. Tyres checked to ensure correct tyre pressure and condition and sufficient tyre tread depth.
  6. Coolant checked for strength and condition and contamination
  7. Electrics test including battery, alternator and starter motor on Bosch tester
  8. Windscreen wipers and screen are inspected and windscreen washer bottle refilled
  9. Car horn tested.



       What does an interim service include?
        1. All above included plus:
 2. Top up power steering and check for leaks
 3. Visual brake inspection
 4. Vehicle road test and report any findings
 5. Check seat belts
 6. Check clutch operation
 7. Check on Diagnostic tester
 8. Check handbrake
 9. Check bonnett
10. Check drive shafts and joints and gaitors
11. Check shock absorbers
12. Check steering components
13. Check timing belt replacement interval
14. Check condition
15. Check damage to bodywork and trims, lamps
16. Check condition of seat belts
17. Check operation of interia lights and warning symbols
18. Lubricate door locks and hinges
19. Check Battery and lubricate terminals
20. Reset service light and stamp service book (online service book at extra cost)

What does a Full service include?

All above included plus:

1. Visual check of wiring
2. Check fuel pipes
3. Check interior lights
4. Check door locks and hinges and lubricate
5. Check door mirrors
6. Check wheel bearings
7. Check auxillary belt
8. Replace spark plugs (petrol engines) At extra cost
9. Check coolant strength and condition
10. Replace fuel filter
11. Change air filter
12. Change pollen filter
13. Check engine and transmission and rear diff
14. Check radiator and hoses
19. Check vehicle history
20. Checkoperation of dampers
21. Check fuel Cap
22. Check brake fluid condition
23. Check auxillary drive belt
24. Check engine breathers
25. Check Fuel lines and and brake pipes
26. Check and top up axle and transfer box oil levels
27. Check and top up gearbox oil level
28. Check all steering and suspension joints, mountings and gaitors
29. Check CV gaitors and joints for wear or splits
30. Check clutch cable /cylinder operation
31. Grease all grease points
32. Check operation of front brakes and strip and clean were necessary
33. Check operation of rear brakes and handbrake and strip and clean were necessary
34. Carry out Diagnostic test and software update check (at extra cost)

Service extra options

1. Replace spark plugs
2. Forte additive treatments for internal contamination removal
3. Software updates
4. Cambelt change (at specific intervals) we will advise you


Labour rates:

Fault code reading and analysis £45.00 +vat

Diagnostics labour £60.00 + vat

General Labour £60.00 + vat

10% Discount scheme available to loyal customers

All parts remain the property of Roy Hubbard Motors untill paid for.

Current VAT = 20%

      Fleet Assist

      Network Management


Our fully managed network provides coverage with consistent service delivery levels and highly competitive pricing.

Service Booking

In house booking facility and online portal enabling you to book direct.


If you need control over maintenance expenses look no further.

Competitive Labour Rates

Reduced labour rates based on your fleet.